25 Feb 2006

Fiji military says government condones illegalities of 2000

7:14 am on 25 February 2006

Fiji's military says by its stance the government is condoning the illegal activities and gross violations of human rights that took place during the Speight coup.

Radio Fiji says the military's statement comes in response to the attorney general Qoriniasi Bale's comment that there was nothing in the constitution preventing a chief implicated in, or convicted over the coup, from being appointed president or vice president.

A senior military spokesman, Lt Col Orisi Rabukawaqa, says their stand is quite clear - the military will not support any coup-tainted chief appointed as president and effectively becoming their commander-in-chief.

He says selecting a person associated with the events of 2000 would be in opposition to truth, justice and social integrity that the military stands or.

Lt Col Rabukawaqa says the question now is whether the government stance as expressed by the attorney general is morally or ethically right.

He says Mr Bale's statement would mean the government condones all the illegal activities and gross violations of human rights in 2000.