24 Feb 2006

Australian and New Zealand Foreign Ministers to make joint Solomons visit

6:24 pm on 24 February 2006

The Australian foreign minister Alexander Downer, who has been in Wellington for talks with his New Zealand counterpart, Winston Peters, says both countries co-operate extra-ordinarily well in the Pacific.

He says both countries are committed to enhancing stability and the economic prospects of the island countries and have been doing this very successfully in partnership.

And Mr Downer says he and Mr Peters have agreed to a joint visit to Solomon Islands soon after the elections on April 5th.

"So that we could present our joint views on the continual work of RAMSI, the Regional Assistance Mission in Solomon Islands and encourage the new Government to continue with the programme that has been underway for some time under the present government. So it's another illustration of how well Australia and New Zealand can work together."