24 Feb 2006

Samoa police remain baffled by the discovery of baby's body in Apia harbour

2:29 pm on 24 February 2006

Police in Samoa are no closer to finding who was behind the apparent dumping of a baby in Apia Harbour.

An assistant police commissioner, Papali'itele Leo Taeu, says appeals on the television and radio for assistance from the public have so far been fruitless.

The partially-decomposed baby was found floating at sea early last week by a dingy crew near the Fish Market at Savalolo.

Papali'itele says a large team of detectives is working on the case but little is known at this point.

"We are yet to receive a post mortem report from the pathologist, but so far we do not have any lead towards the investigation so far."

The police have said that it's likely the five and a half pound baby, who was several days old when found, was deliberately abandoned.