24 Feb 2006

Tokelau asks New Zealand to keep the self determination issue on the table

2:27 pm on 24 February 2006

The United Nations deputy secretary general says its decolonisation work remains unfinished in the wake of Tokelau's historic referendum.

Deputy Secretary general Louise Frechette addressed the Special Committee on Decolonization this morning as it opened its 2006 session.

Last week Tokelau did not meet the two thirds threshold required to move towards self determination in free association with New Zealand.

Robert Aisi, the UN's representative from Papua New Guinea, said that Tokelau's council for ongoing government has requested New Zealand to leave the referendum package on the table for possible consideration in the future.

Tokelau remains on the UN's list of 16 non-self-governing territories, which includes American Samoa, Guam, New Caledonia and Pitcairn.