24 Feb 2006

French Socialists considering push for state to recognise radiation illnesses

10:38 am on 24 February 2006

The French socialist party is circulating a proposal on a Bill to recognise the purported link between nuclear testing in French Polynesia and certain illnesses.

Socialist MPs were part of a committee meeting earlier this week in the French National Assembly in Paris.

The committee addressed the recent report by a government commission in French Polynesia, which found France had lied to locals about the extent of fallout after airborne tests in the Gambier Islands.

The Socialists' spokeswoman Christiane Taubira claimed Britain and the United States had both recognised the effects of nuclear testing.

Mrs Taubira said the US senate had compiled a list of illnesses linked to radioactivity, and she said the same diseases had affected French military and civilian personnel as well as Polynesians.