23 Feb 2006

Calls for better literacy and numeracy in American Samoa

9:49 am on 23 February 2006

In American Samoa, a former college educator turned lawmaker Senator Pulefaasisina Tuiasosopo asked Director of Education Malaetele Doctor Lui Tuitele yesterday why such a high percentage of high school graduates were not proficient in English and Math.

Pulefaasisina said that 60-80 per cent of graduates entering the American Samoa Community College had to take remedial courses in English and Math.

It was his observation that the students showed great aptitude for critical thinking but seemed to lack the basic reading and comprehension skills.

The DOE Director said language was a major factor and the quality of instruction also played a part.

Malaetele suggested that the college and DOE reviews their curriculums to ensure that courses taught at high school align with the Community College courses.