23 Feb 2006

US businessmen impressed with American Samoa potential for call centre

10:20 am on 23 February 2006

The group of US businessmen exploring the feasibility of setting up a major call centre in American Samoa say they are impressed with the calibre of people in the terrirory.

The Executive Director of Safelite Autoglass Bill Cooney, says Samoans have the right heart and attitude to make their proposal a reality.

However Mr Cooney says technology infrastructure is an issue that needs to be looked at.

"We still have to evaluate the technology platform, because this is an issue, it's a complex issue, because when you're in a call centre you have to have almost instantaneous response for the calls, you have to have a lot of redundancy, you have to have the right kind of infrastructure, and we're evaluating that as we speak as a matter of fact."

Mr Cooney says the group also needs to assess whether the proposal is feasible from a business economics point of view.

The company hopes to start its call centre late this year and would initially employ 600 people.