22 Feb 2006

Palau Bureau of Public Health launches new campaign

8:13 pm on 22 February 2006

The Bureau of Public Health in Palau has launched a major campaign to combat three diseases threatening the republic.

This week the bureau announced that it had diagnosed 21 cases of dengue fever and 10 cases of leptospirosis among the population of 20,000.

The Programme Manager for Community Advocacy, Dr Isevong Asang, says they are concerned about the outbreak but believe they have it under control.

Dr Asang says there have been a number of meetings and broadcasts encouraging people to maintain cleanliness around their houses and other preventive measures.

"We're doing special meetings in each of the states, not only for dengue fever and leptospirosis, but also for the avian influenza, those are the three things we are focussing on now. There's no cases of avian influenza and we want to keep it that way and with dengue fever and leptospirosis we want to make sure that it stays at 21 and 10."