22 Feb 2006

Samoa prime minister and opposition leader claim villagers' support

8:11 pm on 22 February 2006

Samoa's prime minister and the opposition leader both claim to have the backing of rural areas, heading into the general election at the end of next month.

Registration has closed and just over 79-thousand people will be able to vote.

Opposition leader Le Mamea Ropati says he has support not just in the capital Apia but in the villages.

"We're giving priorities to improvement of lives of our people, that's with regard to health and education, and also the provision of social amenities especially in the rural areas."

The prime minister Tuilaepa says his Human Rights Protection Party still has the support of the village chiefs or matais...

Ah yes yes, we have been having it, and the line-up of candidates in our party suggests that we should come back with a very comfortable majority.