22 Feb 2006

Two bodies now reported missing from Fiji hospital

11:13 am on 22 February 2006

Mystery surrounds the disappearance of the bodies of two babies from the Lautoka Hospital morgue in Fiji's west.

The body of a baby stillborn a week earlier was found to have disappeared on Monday.

The body of another baby born dead a few days earlier was found to have disappeared yesterday.

The distraught families of the two babies conducted funeral ceremonies yesterday by buying empty coffins.

The FIJI SUN quotes a leading doctor as saying he hopes the bodies have not been used for research purposes which is illegal in Fiji.

The president of the Fiji Medical Association, Dr Jona Senilagakali, says he hopes people are not being bribed into such activities.

One family is reported to have decided to take legal action against Lautoka Hospital in the hope that no other family suffers in the same way that they have.