20 Feb 2006

Fiji Pm denies there are political moves to replace the President

11:12 am on 20 February 2006

Fiji's prime minister has strongly denied that there are moves afoot to remove President Iloilo from office to make way for a new president who will sack the military commander, Commodore Bainimarama.

The Sunday Times reports that the allegation was made by the deputy Labour leader, Poseci Bune, at a weekend party rally in Nadi.

Mr Bune said only the president can remove Commodore Bainimarama and the government wants someone as president who will do that.

But, Mr Qarase says Mr Bune's claim is outrageous and an insult to the Great Council of Chiefs which appoints the president.

Mr Qarase says the government would not interfere with the Great Council's decision which meets to appoint the president on March the 8th.

The incumbent, 85-yar old Ratu Josefa Iloilo, has confirmed he is available to serve a second term as the constitution allows.