18 Feb 2006

American Samoa court to decide on penalty for murderer

11:16 am on 18 February 2006

A man convicted in American Samoa faces death or life imprisonment for the murder of a man three years ago, whose body was never found.

A jury found Richard Majhor guilty of first-degree murder for the killing of Wyatt Bowles Junior.

Richard Majhor will be sentenced on the 10th of March local time.

He declined to comment but his Honolulu based lawyer Eric Seitz said he was deeply disappointed with the decision.

"We're disappointed because we thought that the prosecution's case was extraordinarily weak. And I don't know what went on in the deliberations, but certainly there is ample basis for an appeal, and I will recommend that we'll appeal it. We'll file a motion for a new trial, which is what's required and we will exhaust the proceedings here and then we'll go back to Washington DC."