18 Feb 2006

Conservation group from Makira in Solomons wins top rights award

11:23 am on 18 February 2006

The Makira Community Conservation Foundation in Solomon Islands has won the Supreme Prize at the Pacific Regional Rights Resource Team Human Rights Awards in Suva.

The awards were handed out last night by the Pacific Regional Rights Resource Team.

There was a Fiji category and a regional category.

The winner of the Fiji prize was the Fiji Sexual Minorities Project.

The Samoan AIDS Foundation and the Tuvalu Church Women's Fellowship were recognised in the regional category.

However the Makira Community Conservation Foundation won the top prize for its work in brokering sustainable agreements between community groups and loggers.

Six groups in all were recognised.

The rights resource team Project Manager Sandra Bernklau says the awards are an opportunity to recognise the bravery of many small organisations around the Pacific.

"That's really the whole purpose of the awards, it's an opportunity to really celebrate and to recognise the work of all of these small organisations. It's important to recognise that small can make a difference, small can make an impact, small can lead to big change."