17 Feb 2006

Marianas police officer bailed on firearms charge

9:14 am on 17 February 2006

A police captain arrested for illegal possession of firearms and ammunition in the Northern Marianas has posted bail and has been released from custody .

The Marianas Variety reports that Aniceto Ogumoro, who was appointed by acting Public Safety Commissioner John Wabol as police director, posted an appearance property bond of US$50,000.

Associate Judge David Wiseman set an arraignment for the 27th of February.

The captain's brother, Ambrosio Ogumoro, the Department of Public Safety's shooting range master, was also arrested for illegal possession of firearms and ammunition as well as assault and battery.

The court earlier imposed a US$1 million property bond for his temporary liberty.

His lawyers have asked the court to modify the bail.

Aniceto Ogumoro was arrested on Saturday night after police recovered three rifles from his residence.

During a search at the residence, police recovered a Remington rifle, a Ruger Mini-14 ranch rifle, and a Colt rifle from the master's bedroom.

Police also recovered two boxes of Winchester Super Buckshot ammunition from Captain Ogumoro's house.

He was never issued a license to possess or carry any firearms or ammunition in the CNMI.

Captain Ogumoro was brought to the Superior Court for a bail hearing on Monday afternoon along with his brother Ambrosio Ogumoro.