14 Feb 2006

Papuan fights his deportation order from Vanuatu

9:31 am on 14 February 2006

Papuan political activist, Andy Ayamiseba, says he is mounting a legal challenge to a Vanuatu Government attempt to have him deported.

Mr Ayamiseba was deported from Vanuatu on Thursday under a directive from the Minister for Internal Affairs, George Wells.

He had lived in Vanuatu on a diplomatic passport for two decades until the current government came to power.

Mr Ayamiseba says the removal of this accreditation left him stateless.

The deportation failed because the government removed him without having made arrangements for another country to accept him.

He was refused entry in Solomon Islands and then sent to Brisbane, where Australian officials also refused him.

Now back in Vanuatu, Mr Ayamesiba says no official reason has been given for the order...

"I'm here as a stateless person... and I don't understand why I was seen as a foreigner, when I was awarded that status long ago, since 1983, I raised millions of Vatu for the Vanuaaku Pati. There are no reasons given, so I'm also at the same time applying for refugee status in Vanuatu."