9 Feb 2006

Guam governor reveals government top heavy with Cabinet officials

7:07 pm on 9 February 2006

A Council of State Governments survey has shown that Guam, despite a population of only 160-thousand, has the second biggest cabinet among US states and territories

The Marianas Variety reports that with 55 cabinet departments, Guam comes second to New York, which has 75 cabinet offices serving a population of 19-POINT-2 million.

Arkansas is behind Guam with 45 cabinet offices serving 2-POINT-78 million constituents.

In the Pacific, the Northern Marianas has 16 cabinet offices for a population of just over 80-thousand and American Samoa, 16 offices for around 57-thousand.

The Guam governor's chief of staff has presented the Legislature with a copy of the statistics to make a stronger case for the administration's reorganisation proposals.

The Governor Felix Camacho has submitted to the Legislature a total of seven bills, which would merge 20 agencies and eventually result in decreasing the Cabinet size from 55 departments to 12.