9 Feb 2006

UNDP says Fiji civics education programme should be in schools within two years

4:31 pm on 9 February 2006

The United Nation Development Programme says Fiji has moved a step closer to becoming a stable and peaceful country with the launch of a civics education programme this week.

The Fiji Citizenship Education programme was launched by the New Zealand foreign minister Winston Peters in Suva on Wednesday.

The civics programme is funded largely by New Zealand and the European Union, and a UNDP spokesperson, Hans de Graaff, says a community version will be started shortly.

He says the aim is to have it become part of the Fiji school curriculum in 2008.

"The programme is about introducing in primary and secondary schools in Fiji a specific curriculum dealing with citizens education. And the aim for that is to have people in Fiji, people who are attending school now and in the future, to have a better understanding of democratic processes."