8 Feb 2006

Secrecy surrounds detention of eight Samoans after anti-drug swoop

1:23 pm on 8 February 2006

Secrecy surrounds the situation of eight Samoan people being held in custody in Apia after being arrested in an anti-drugs operation yesterday.

The police wouldn't reveal the age or gender of the suspects, whether they'd been charged, or the monetary value of any drugs seized in the operation.

The syndicate is suspected of being involved in the importation, distribution and sale of methamphetamines, cannabis, and other criminal activity in Samoa and overseas.

The assistant police commissioner didn't give any reasons for withholding information whilst an associate chief justice at the Supreme Court said no-one was allowed to comment on the case.

Police are examining allegations of corruption and bribery of officials in a conspiracy to smuggle drugs into Samoa.

The operation is reported to have been the work of Samoa police's transnational crime unit, but the regional co-ordination unit in Suva couldn't supply any information.