8 Feb 2006

Fiji newspaper threatened after publishing controversial cartoons

11:18 am on 8 February 2006

Fiji's Daily Post newspaper has been threatened over its publication of the controversial cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed which have sparked Muslim outrage and violence around the world.

The newspaper says the threat was made in a telephone call by a man claiming to be a Muslim.

It came minutes after the general manager of the Daily Post, Mesake Koroi, appeared on local television news defending the publication of the cartoons, adding that its readers had the right to know what the controversy was about.

He said that had the matter not created such a furore in some quarters of Islam, they certainly would not have published them.

Mr Koroi added that Fiji's Muslim community was peaceful and law-abiding, and not in the same league as those protesting in the Middle East and elsewhere.

He said he did not think the local Muslim community would be a threat to the newspaper.

The threat has been reported to the police.