7 Feb 2006

Consultant to PNG Electoral Commission says readiness for election will be close-run

9:14 pm on 7 February 2006

The Director of the Institute of Policy Studies at Wellington's Victoria University says it will be a close-run thing for Papua New Guinea to be ready in time for next year's general elections.

It has been revealed the election roll lists more than two million ghost names.

The key recommendation in Dr Andrew Ladley's report last year for the PNG Electoral Commission is for the voters' roll to be corrected.

Dr Ladley says there is technology and strategies available to the PNG officials to help them get the job done in time.

"You can get systems that are now pretty quick and easy to use in the field, which is fingerprinting and photographing in the compiling of a quick roll. Although there is a problem across the whole country in fact, 90% of the problem is concentrated in about 20% of the electorate, particularly in the Highlands so that the key is to focus your energy on those areas which are worst."

Dr Andrew Ladley.