6 Feb 2006

Pacific business leader says leadership roles of future could be better suited to women

11:09 am on 6 February 2006

A Pacific business professor says leadership roles of the future could well be better suited to women rather than men.

Papali'i Dr Tusi Avegalio is the director of the Pacific Business Center at Hawaii University.

He says women tend to posess attributes that suit modern leadership.

Papali'i says multi-tasking and what he calls "synchronicity" are two areas where women have major advantages over men.

"Synchronosity is the ability to flow with multiple activities occurring simultaneously. Males on the other hand, they tend to be much more linear, more consequential, one thing at a time, basically we are much more creatures of habit."

Papali'i says the modern world is dynamic and rapidly changing so women would naturally do well in it.