6 Feb 2006

Report into nuclear testing in South Pacific presented to French Polynesia parliament this week

8:13 am on 6 February 2006

A report by the French Polynesian territorial assembly into France's nuclear weapons tests in the South Pacific is to be presented to parliament this week.

The report was produced following a six month investigation based on independent sources but without the co-operation of the French defence ministry.

MP, Tea Hirshon from the ruling Tavini Huira'atira party says despite the fact that nuclear fallout was recorded in Tahiti, the attitude of the French state remains the same:

"Their attitude has so far not changed because when we started six months ago our commission has written letters to the High Commissioner here, to the Ministry of Defence, to the National Weather department and we never, never received an answer and we feel that it is a lack of respect to the elected members of parliament and to the country."