2 Feb 2006

New leader for American Samoa watchdog group

5:01 pm on 2 February 2006

The American Samoa anti-corruption NGO, Common Cause, has a new leader.

Dr Trudie Iuli-Sala replaces Taimane Johnson as president of the watchdog group.

Dr Iuli-Sala says she is committed to promoting the goals of the organisation and Common Cause will be a voice for those who are afraid to speak out for various reasons.

She says the issues that people consult the NGO over are not necessarily new but Common Cause views each issue as important...

"Most of us who are active are those of us who do volunteer their time and willingly bring to the forefront issues that we feel are very vital in informing the general public and that's what we're really working at, is keeping this general public"

informed about all issues relevant to good government.

The new president of Common Cause American Samoa, Dr Trudie Iuli-Sala.