26 Jan 2006

Air Peau Vava'u service delayed in Tonga

9:30 am on 26 January 2006

The start of the Air Peau Vava'u service to Niuatoputapu and Niuafo'ou has been delayed.

The airline's project manager, Mosikaka Moengangongo, says it was scheduled to start on January 25 but has been postponed to February 2.

The news website Matangi Tonga reports Mosi as saying that the air service was rescheduled because it had not been properly marketed.

She said that the Peau Vava'u will use a Twin Otter aircraft on its weekly service to the Niuas.

Meanwhile, a second domestic air carrier Airlines Tonga Air Fiji that is currently servicing the Niuas twice a week, but has yet to announce its starting date for the service.