25 Jan 2006

Fiji police changing recruiting practices to counter rising levels of crime committed by women

2:11 pm on 25 January 2006

A dramatic increase in Fiji in crimes committed by women has prompted the police force to seek to recruit more women officers.

Radio Fiji quotes the deputy commissioner of police, Moses Driver, as saying they want women to make up a quarter of the force.

Mr Driver says at present 86% of the force is made up of men.

He says the current strength of the force is 2,630 regular officers and 1,556 police support officers who were formerly known as special constables.

Under the current commissioner, Andrew Hughes, police have stepped up the recruitment of women who are now more visible in the streets of urban areas.

Apart from the many instances of everyday crime involving women, current cases before the courts include several of murder and one of a woman who was in possession of top secret military, civil aviation and national security documents.