23 Jan 2006

Loggers said to be harassing women in Solomon's Makira Ulawa province

11:35 am on 23 January 2006

A Greenpeace forest campaigner in Solomon Islands says local women are being harassed by foreign loggers in the Makira Ulawa province.

Women in the village of Maniwiriwiri have been protesting against the logging work being done by CTP International.

They say they haven't been consulted about the work and much of it is unsustainable.

Campaigner, Geoff Dennis, says many of the women are being mistreated because of their stance.

"Reports from these communities was that a lot of these workers have been doing a lot of harassment. Workers sometimes get drunk, they go into the villages and insult people who are against logging. Women were usually chased when they go to the rivers do washing and have baths."

Mr Dennis says the women presented a petition to the provincial premier last week asking him to stop the logging.