20 Jan 2006

Legal challenge in French Polynesia questions property transactions

3:36 pm on 20 January 2006

The man claiming to have emerged as president of French Polynesia during the October 2004 turmoil says the supreme court in Paris is to decide whether property transactions being undertaken in Tahiti now are legal.

Rene Hoffer has challenged the wording of a taxation clause in the territory's official journal, saying it is defined as a text and not as a law.

Mr Hoffer says the administrative court in Tahiti has declined a ruling and referred the matter to Paris, prompting uncertainty over the legality of any land and property transactions.

"If it's a text it's a text, if it's not a text I think it's not a text but I'm not qualified to say this. I think there are judges who will decide if a text is a law or if a law is a text."

Rene Hoffer says his court challenge has prompted some people to wait with property transactions.