20 Jan 2006

Vanuatu family snubs offer to buy beach

9:20 am on 20 January 2006

A village family in Vanuatu has turned down an offer by developers for almost half a million dollars to buy their beach.

Honeymoon Beach is the only white sand beach close to Port Vila.

But the Kalsrap family who own the beach rejected the offer made by developer, George Winslet, deciding that the beach and a coral blue hole should be available to everyone.

Family member Harry Atisson says they told their parents who wanted to accept the deal, that the beach must be kept within the family.

"We, the children, we met with our parents and we decided it's not for sale and the parents have no right anymore and the beach is for the children to look after and to make money out of it. That's how we stopped this man to come and get the beach."