19 Jan 2006

Guadalcanal land claimants say provincial government supports them

7:38 am on 19 January 2006

A landowners group in Solomon Islands says the provincial government supports their claim on land transferred to the national government in 1974.

The group says the land in Lungga and Tenaru was illegally transferred and they want the title back.

The Lungga-Tenaru Land Trust Board, which represents the landowners, met with the provincial government yesterday.

The interim-chairman of the board, George Vari, says the meeting was successful from their perspective.

"Our meeting has been very cordial, very fruitful. The Guadacanal Province informed us that we should pursue the issue further and they have expressed their support of our plan to get the land back, the title of the Lungga -Tenaru land."

Mr Vari says the provincial government will bring proposed solutions to another meeting in two weeks.

The land under dispute houses the headquarters of the regional assistance mission, the international airport and a top hotel.