17 Jan 2006

In-house committee looks at Guadalcanal land dispute in Solomons

8:22 am on 17 January 2006

The Solomon Islands Lands Commissioner says the dispute over the tracts of land in Lungga and Tenaru on the Eastern outskirts of Honiara City are being

looked at by a in-house committee.

The Commissioner of Lands Alfred Soaki explains the issue will be dealt with accordingly.

"The in-house committee is going to look at that issue. We're still to meet and come up with how we're going to address that issue."

A recent newspaper notice has led indigenous landowners to claim the two valuable tracts of land; the fringes of which have been settled by Malaitans.

The landowners are warning the government they'll block the reopening of the Gold Ridge Mine if their demands aren't met.

The two pieces of land - in Lungga and Tenaru - are where the country's International Airport and Headquarters of the Regional Assistance Mission are located.