12 Jan 2006

Quarter of Air Pacific pilots have quit over past 18 months

11:54 am on 12 January 2006

At least 25 per cent of all pilots employed by Air Pacific have resigned in the last 18 months to work overseas.

The Fiji Times quotes Air Pacific's acting chief executive, Josephine Yee Joy, as saying 18 pilots have resigned over the last year and a half to take up lucrative job offers overseas.

But the pilots say the exodus from their ranks has been caused by poor work conditions at Air Pacific.

One pilot who does not wish to be named is quoted as saying that it's not about money but about concerns at the lack of progress in their careers and time with their families.

The pilot says Air Pacific is spending more than US$160,000 a month with a New Zealand company to supply expatriate pilots - money which would remain in the country if local pilots stayed on.