11 Jan 2006

Fiji PM unveils plan to rid public service of corruption and other problems

10:47 am on 11 January 2006

Fiji's prime minister has admitted that the country's public service is rife with corruption.

The Daily Post quotes Laisenia Qarase as saying that in an era of unprecedented scrutiny, the public service is often viewed with contempt due to the number of reports of corruption within its ranks.

Mr Qarase says the general perception is one of inefficiency, lack of accountability and increasing corrupt practices, some even involving chief executive officers.

He says all this serves to tarnish the image of the service and to erode trust and confidence.

Mr Qarase made the comments when presenting a proposal to public sector unions on how the government and the public service commission can work with them to create a high performing public service.

Presenting his proposal called "Partnership for Fiji", Mr Qarase called for the cooperation of stakeholders in combating problems in the public service and turning it into a professional organisation.