11 Jan 2006

Palau says no consultation on proposed haven

11:19 am on 11 January 2006

Palau's chief of staff to the president says the country is not considering hosting Vietnamese refugees.

A United States mission in the Northern Marianas has been seeking support for plans to establish a haven for Vietnamese youth who've been subjected to sexual abuse.

Proposals to site the haven in the Northern Marinas have run into opposition and there were reports that Palau was being considered as an alternative site.

Billy Kuartei says it's the first they have heard of it.


we really need to know more information as to what goes on, and what kind of organisation is this and what are they actually wanting to do. We have a close relationship with the United States, but they haven't talked to us. 17

Palau's Chief of Staff to the President - Billy Kuartei.