6 Jan 2006

PCRC calls on Fij's vice president to help resolve differences with military

10:18 am on 6 January 2006

The Pacific Concerns Resource Centre in Fiji is calling on the vice president to help resolve differences between the military and the government amicably.

PCRC director Tupou Vere says there is growing concern that the military commander had asked the government to resign.

Commodore Bainimarama accused the government of incompetence in delaying the appointment of a judge-advocate for courts martial of soldiers charged with coup crimes.

But the government says it was elected in by the people, and Ms Vere says threats by the military commander aren't conducive to peace and stability ahead of this year's general election.

"The outpouring of candid views and threats by the commander will only serve to undermine the political responsibilities of the institution which clearly rests on the minister of home affairs here in Fiji. We also are hopeful the situation will be resolved now."