6 Jan 2006

Former Fiji soldiers await deportation from PNG

10:23 am on 6 January 2006

Papua New Guinea's deputy police commissioner says three former Fijian commandos earmarked for deportation are still in the country.

Semi Baroi, Fereti Rokodi and Isaia Baro had been ordered out by the National Security Advisory Committee on Monday.

The men were hired by pyramid scheme operator Noah Musingku to do military training to rebels in Bougainville's No Go Zone.

Deputy Commissioner Gari Baki says the three men are under police surveillance in Port Moresby, but no charges will be laid due to lack of evidence.

"The orders have been issued by the government for them to be deported. They are still in country and they'll be making their way out shortly. Final arrangements are now in place for them to be deported out of the country."

The three Fijians arrived with five others on visitor visas which expired last month.

Gari Baki says police are working closely with the Bougainville Autonomous Government to locate and deport the other five men peacefully.