22 Dec 2005

Cook Islands public accounts committee workshop involves full and frank dialogue

2:35 pm on 22 December 2005

A two-day workshop in the Cook Islands to familiarise government ministries and members of parliament with the objectives of a new public accounts committee has concluded.

Les Donye, one of two guest speakers at the workshop from the New South Wales parliament, says the full and frank discussion on the workings of the new Special Select Committee on Finance & Public Expenditure was positive and informative.

He says the involvement of a range of officials, from committee members to MPs and ministers, was impressive.

Mr Donye, who is a parliamentary clerk, was present to share his experience in the operations of the New South Wales parliament.

"Put some information on the table for the key stakeholders to sort of come to a consensual decision in terms of the way to head for them. And I think the director of audit here is a very positive, proactive fellow, and I think he's trying to put in place a structure and framework that they have good governance basically here in the Cook Islands."

Les Donye