22 Dec 2005

Fiji official says drinking kava at work impacts on work levels

9:38 am on 22 December 2005

The Chief Executive of Fiji's Public Service Commission says they had no choice but to warn civil servants that drinking kava during working hours wouldn't be tolerated.

Anare Jale says employees drinking kava at work, has been a problem, for a few years now, and the Commission is looking to clamp down on the practice.

He says drinking kava, takes up much of the working hours and he wants it stopped.

"Drinking grog at work places means that they have to sit around and waste a lot of time around a yaqona bowl which really impacts on the productivity level."

Mr Jale says the responsibility falls on the managers to uphold the warning.

The Chief Executive officers of the various ministries and departments have been delegated the power, by the Public Service Commission, to manage the respective ministries and departments, and they are suppose to be imposing the rules of the Public Service commission in the various workplaces.