20 Dec 2005

Confrontations between loggers and villagers in Solomons' isle of Makira

9:16 am on 20 December 2005

Reports from Makira in Solomon Islands say villagers have been involved in a series of peaceful confrontations with bulldozers from logging companies.

The Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation reports more than 30 women and children stood arm in arm with their chief, MacPherson Suharo to block four bulldozers from passing through the village road in Maniwiriwiri.

The bulldozers were on their way to work in the area which holds the village's water supply and dam.

Last week a group of local men confronted bulldozer operators who were set to destroy trees and plough through community gardens and cocoa plantations.

Chief Suharo hasn't signed any logging agreements but he's said to have listened to the concerns raised by the women of the village.