14 Dec 2005

High technology in Fiji boosts fraud, prosecutors told

9:05 am on 14 December 2005

A conference in Fiji has been told that some of the biggest headaches for fraud investigators and prosecutors stem from modern technology.

The Fiji Times reports that the comment has come from June Philips of the Commonwealth Office of Public Prosecutions in Australia.

Ms Philips says computer technology and software allow the cheap, large-scale production of forged documents.

She says the quality of forged documents ranging from passports and drivers' licences to electricity bills is astounding.

Ms Philips says identity fraud is one of the biggest growth areas.

She says large sums of money scammed from gullible investors can be transferred with breathtaking speed to offshore accounts from where it is difficult to recover..

Ms Philips says trans-jurisdictional crimes are becoming commonplace in fraud and are very difficult to prosecute.