13 Dec 2005

Pacific Island countries show some progress in literacy and longevity but not income

9:33 am on 13 December 2005

The Pacific Island region is slipping behind other regions in terms of progress in its human development index.

These are the findings of the third Pacific Human Development Report being compiled by the Institute of Development and Governance at the University of the South Pacific.

Professor Graham Hassall says literacy rates across the region have improved, there's been some increases in longevity but income is showing a decline in all countries, with one exception.

He says Samoa has improved its income per capita but nowhere else has managed to do so.

Professor Hassall says literacy, longevity and income all make up the indicators for the index and the news in the Pacific is not all bad.


IN: A majority of countries have improved their standing in relation to their own progress. In other words, they're doing better than they had been doing four years before. But, the Pacific countries as a whole, while they are doing better against their own previous efforts, have been slipping in the global context.

DUR: 17

Professor Hassall says the final report will be released in April.