7 Dec 2005

Kanak leaders vow to block Goro nickel project in New Caledonia's south

4:59 pm on 7 December 2005

Two traditional Kanak leaders in New Caledonia have announced that they will blockade the Goro nickel site next week.

This comes after activists and NGO's protested on Monday against the building of a water pipeline at the Yate reserve, which they say endangers rare species and may pollute the reserve.

A Kanak activist, Jacques Boengkih, says the two leaders of the Rheebu Nuu committee were arrested this year and told by the judge that they face imprisonment if they organise blockades again.

Mr Boengkih says the Kanak people want the project to stop.

"The traditional leaders told the official representatives of the Southern province that they will blockade the Goro project starting on Monday, probably. But it is sure that they will organise a blockade of the Goro nickel nickel project."