6 Dec 2005

Vanuatu ponders Ambae's resettlement

5:03 pm on 6 December 2005

The Vanuatu government is looking at possible places that it could move Ambae residents in the future.

The Mount Monaro Volcano has been emitting ash and gas for more than a week and it has the potential to cause severe damage.

The government has sent three ships to observe the activity and to aid in evacuations if the situation requires such action.

5,000 people living near the volcano have been moved to coastal areas where it is believed there is no immediate danger.

However, the Director-General of the Prime Minister's Office, Jean Sese, says the government is looking at permanently relocating people because Manaro could erupt violently in future years.

"There is a possibility now that the government may have to identify places outside of Ambae for evacuation in the future. Manaro is quite a special volcano."