5 Dec 2005

Vanuatu officials get international volcano monitoring support

4:17 pm on 5 December 2005

The National Disaster Management Office in Vanuatu says they hope an international team of scientists will help prepare the island of Ambae for any future volcanic activity.

Since the a volcanic explosion last week, ash has fallen on western parts of Ambae at a rate of 2,000 tonnes a day.

The seismic activity below Lake Vui has also forced the lake to rise up towards the top of the crater, threatening to unleash a torrent of water down every creek.

The NDMO director, Job Esau, says there is a team of seven scientists trying to monitor and predict any future activity.

"There are three New Zealand scientists and we already have on the ground on Ambae two volcanolgists from Vanuatu and also there are other two from the French."