1 Dec 2005

Nauru believes its optimistic strategy will work

9:08 pm on 1 December 2005

The Nauru Government has agreed with suggestions at a donor round table meeting that its National Sustainable Development Strategy is ambitious, but it believes it can work.

Donors met in the financially troubled country yesterday and praised the Strategy for its thoroughness and inclusion of civil society.

But they also questioned whether Nauru, with its limited capacity can cope with the list of 18 priorities it has set.

The Nauru President Ludwig Scotty admits its ambitious but says they have done the research and believe they can succeed if they get some donor assistance.

And Greg Urwin, the secretary general of the Pacific Islands Forum, which helped with the development of the strategy, says it is important for Nauru to get its key concerns out there.

"It represents, at the very least, a very good sorting out process of what Nauru's actual prorities are. It needs to be borne in mind I think that this kind of process has never happened in Nauru before and looked at in that sense. If the process that has been started is sustainable and remains realistic, we will make some progress."