28 Nov 2005

Fiji diplomat closer to reaching compatriots on Bougainville

7:43 pm on 28 November 2005

A Fijian diplomat, in the Papuan New Guinea province of Bougainville trying to persuade eight former soldiers from Fiji, to leave, is one step closer to his goal.

The second secretary at Fiji's High Commission in Port Moresby, Emosi Rakai, has been cleared to pass a roadblock in Tonu, manned by Mekamui rebels.

It is Mr Rakai's second attempt to talk to the Fijians who are in Tonu at the invitation of Noah Musingku, a conman and self-proclaimed leader of the so-called kingdom of Papala.

The Fijians are allegedly training young locals in military skills.

A Post Courier journalist, Gorothy Kenneth, says he managed to get into the no-go zone around Tonu, over the weekend.

"He got permission through the Mekamui, to pass through the junction to get through to Tonu. As we speak, we don;t know whether he got access to the Fijians. We understand he has got a 50-50 chance of meeting with the guys. We should probably know by tomorrow."

Post Courier journalist Gorothy Kenneth.

The controversy over the Fijians presence in Tonu has angered the PNG government and embarrassed Suva.