28 Nov 2005

Fiji's election officials want to see code of conduct adopted by political parties

2:10 pm on 28 November 2005

Election officials in Fiji say it's hoped that proposed guidelines banning political parties from using dirty tactics to attract voters will be implemented during campaigning for next year's general elections.

The Electoral Commission tabled an election Code of Conduct at a recent meeting with parties, which if adopted, would prohibit them from using insulting or racist remarks to woo constituents.

The deputy supervisor of elections, Tomasi Tui, says if the guidelines are adopted they will be implemented in the upcoming elections.

"It's not a requirement under the act, it's only a guideline to help us establish our own system where political parties can understand their roles as well as the role of the electoral commission in as far as the conduct of elections is concerned."

The proposed code states that political parties cannot use inflammatory or threatening language, make false or defamatory accusations, or appeal to regional, religious, ethnic or gender divisions in society.

And, it also states that parties should not incite hatred or violence or disrupt meetings, marches or rallies of other parties