24 Nov 2005

Violence against women and how to combat it takes centre stage in New Caledonia tomorrow night

8:24 pm on 24 November 2005

Shamima Ali from the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre says the level of domestic violence in the Paicific is worsening, with more cases reported to police.

She says in Fiji many of the perpetrators are young teenagers under 16 years of age, while the latest police figures show a 70 percent rise in reported violent sexual offences.

Ms Ali is a keynote speaker in the region's 16 days of activism against violence against women being launched tomorrow night (fri) in Noumea.

Ms Ali says she will give an overview of the extent of violence against women in the region.

"My paper will also look at strategies that being used in the Pacific for the elimination of violence against women. The paper will also look at has worked and what hasn't and also a new strategy that we are working on, and that is working in partnership with men"

Shamima Ali puts the escalating violence down to the spread of pornography, increasing religious and cultural fundamentalism and political instability.