23 Nov 2005

French Polynesian unions threaten general strike

5:36 pm on 23 November 2005

A group of French Polynesian unions says it will meet tomorrow to finalise its notice for an unlimited general strike over the government's fiscal reforms.

The six unions are objecting to the reform which they claim will undermine the CPS social security fund, describing the project as an attempt of the government to lay hands on the CPS's 500 million US dollar assets.

The unions say they have been unsuccessful in a bid to meet President Oscar Temaru to outline their concerns.

The reform has been approved by employers and the government but the head of the CPS, Marcel Ahini, has threatened to resign over the project.

One union leader says there is dissent in government ranks over the project.

Unless there is a change, the unions are set to launch a general strike in a week.