18 Nov 2005

American Samoa's governor says corruption an issue of the past

4:24 pm on 18 November 2005

Governor Togiola Tulafono says American Samoa has not been totally free of government corruption in the past.

Although these incidents happened without the knowledge of past governors, Togiola says the governor is still the person that ultimately answers for these wrongs.

Likewise, the governor says he has inherited the reputation of things that happened long before his time and Togiola says people with an agenda won't distinguish.

He says since he became governor he has committed himself to correcting these things and the causes of previous problems in the hope that the operation of government will flow smoothly and corruption-free.

Togiola said he puts his faith in the employees of the American Samoa Government that they will feel the same way and that they too will commit to an honest and corrupt-free government.