17 Nov 2005

Fiji's commissioner central says he won't flip flop over gay marches

4:58 pm on 17 November 2005

Fiji's commissioner central who ruled against granting a permit for the Methodist church to stage a march against gay sex, says that he will not change his mind on the matter.

Inoke Devo granted one application on the 26th June but has since rejected two further requests this week by the Methodist Church to stage a second march on the issue.

A senior church spokesman, the Reverand Iliesa Naivalu, says the church has sought legal advice and believes they have grounds to appeal the latest decision.

But Mr Devo says if they bring the appeal to him, he will turn it down again.

"If they appeal to me, then I'm not in the business of flip-flopping my decisions. If they have to appeal, then I will just politely tell them that my decision stands."